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  The Black Stallion by Walter Farley

Review by: Kylie E.
Florida, Grade 5

A wild horse went to a almost completely tame.

In The Black Stallion, by Walter Farley the Drake steamed down the coast of India and pushed into the Arabian Sea, homeward. Alexander Ramsay, known to his friends back in New York, had blazing red hair, tanned elbows, and a freckled face. He had spent a few months in India with his uncle. On his birthday his uncle had given him a pocket knife saying, “This could come in handy someday.” A few weeks into his trip a stallion boarded the Drake. Alec was growing curious of the Black so, he went to the stall where he was being held.

Alec walked to where the Black was being held. The Black had a strong muscular, black body. He retreated back into the stall as soon as he saw Alec. Alec put a sugar cube on the wooden beam of the horse's stall. He came back the next morning and the sugar was gone! Alec did this until the day disaster struck! It all started with a storm, a terrible storm that was.

Alec arose to screaming people and children. Alec put on his life vest hoping he wouldn’t need it. Sadly he did. Lightning was all around him. Alec heard a loud boom, the boat had been struck by lightning, causing it to split in half! The Drake was slowly sinking, and Alec was still on it. Alec soon remembered that the Black was still onboard. Alec raced to his stall, he and the Black had become fairly good friends, so it wasn’t a problem untying the Black. The boat was all most underwater!

Thankfully Alec and the Black ended up finding each other in the murky water. Soon they washed up on an a small island. Alec and the Black stayed on the island for more than two weeks, until some people found them. Alec gets back home safely where he soon learns he could race the Black. He is offered to race ,Sun Raider and Cyclone, the two fastest horse’s alive! Who will win? Guess you’ll have to read the book to find out. I absolutely recommend this book! Hope you will too.

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