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  Grade 2 Reviews
  The Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler

Review by: Brooke W.
New Hampshire, Grade 2

I am rating the gym teacher from the black lugoon the best deetalld picter award. The deetalls are funny ! And I like it because there is a picter in the book and it reminds me of my brouther when he youst to go on top of me and it felt like I was between the two bords in the book because I was beteen the flor and my brouthers back . Oyah I also think this book getís the best looking picter award because there is an picter in space and kids are runing around world . there is anouther picter with a monster eating an banana , on a swing , holding a bastball bat. (This is just if I did not tell you but this is one of my favrit books.) Oyah I love the part when the green monster with green hair all over his body (well anyways) letís get back to the story. Ok so, oh yeah, if you have ever read this story, please tell me. Ok? Ok. (And if you have, what would you rate it?)

Oh yeah, in the book, the little kid was so scared that in his mind he looked in his mind and he saw the green monster and he was yelling because he was so scared. (I would be scared too.) (I am just saying this because I am a scaredy cat, well my brother is too). Oh yeah, there is another book from the black lagoon. It is called The Principal from the Black Lagoon and it is by the same author from as the Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon. Well I guess I will tell you a little more because I just grabbed another page so I can I guess. Oh yeah, I was talking about the other book because I was comparing it to another bookÖ I probably said the title of the book but I am going to say it again. The book title is the Principle from the Black Lagoon. I do not know if I already said this but I like this book because the illustrations are funny and I just think the illustrations are awesome. But in the illustrations, in the other book, The Principal from the Black Lagoon are also great and super funny. Basically it just means that the Black Lagoon books are funny and awesome.

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