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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell

Review by: Ryan O.
North Carolina, Grade 10

I've always gravitated towards books that are based on a true story, I've watched the movie Lone Survivor before reading the actual book and was intrigued to read the book. I found multiple parts of the book to be interesting such as when Marcus was at a very young age he knew right away what he wanted to be which was a Navy Seal. Knowing what you want to be at a young age is something every kid has but that kid rarely fulfills his dream, Marcus's eyes had been focused on becoming a Seal and they've never left. The book also made me not want to put it down which is extremely rare because I'm not a fan of reading but Marucs did a great creating suspense, when the SEALs got exposed and the Taliban army attacked them, I thought there was no way anyone was going to survive, then as a rescue chopper was sent and the Taliban's used there RPG to shoot it down my doubt grew even larger but Marcus fortunately was captured by an Afghan who like Marcus wasn't in favor of the Taliban, and Marcus was escorted to camp by the Afghan. Marcus' creation of suspense as described when the SEALs were compromised made the book so hard to put down, and finally made reading a joyful activity

I genuinely loved the book, besides the beginning being kinda of slow there was nothing that made me want to put it down or stop reading. The suspense was incredible throughout the whole book from while he was in training, ''Hell Week'' to when he got back to camp, every part of the story had a meaning and a hidden meaning behind it that made reading this book actually joyful for me instead of it feeling like a chore

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