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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J,K, Rowling

Review by: Chance W.
Michigan, Grade 10

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone”, by J.K. Rowling is the first book in the Harry Potter series. Harry, a young boy at eleven years of age, lives with his aunt and uncle who do not seem to care for him much. They would prefer to spend their love on their son, Dudley, who torments and bullies Harry. Dudley is spoiled, while Harry is forced to live in a broom closet under the stairs. Harry notices that he can do things with his mind that other cannot do. On his eleventh birthday, Hagrid takes Harry to pick up school supplies to attend a magic school called Hogwarts. Harry becomes friends with other students like Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. During their first day, the new students discover their residential house they will live. Harry fears being assigned to the Slytherin house, but he, Ron, and Hermione luckily get in the Gryffindor house.
The year progresses when suspicious events occur. Harry’s Potions professor, Snape, does not like him. On that day, the students have their first flying lesson. The class is told to stay on the ground while the instructor takes an injured boy named Neville to the hospital. A Slytherin bully, Draco Malfoy, takes Neville’s gift from his grandma and flies off with it. Harry flies after him. Malfoy tosses the ball in the air and Harry catches it. Professor McGonagall sees what happened. Instead of punishing Harry, she gets him to play a much-loved game using broomsticks, called Quidditch, for Gryffindor. Later, Harry and his friends discover a monster guarding a trapdoor in the forbidden third-floor corridor.
Harry and his friends come back a few days later and get past the monster and into the trap door. They are challenged with different puzzles that they must solve to progress through the tunnel. Harry's friends are then forced to return back to the school as Ron gets injured. Finally, Harry makes it to the end of the tunnel and encounters Voldemort. Through and epic duel, Harry wins, but he passes out. When Harry becomes conscious again, he is in the hospital with Dumbledore. Harry returns to London and unfortunately has to spend the summer back with the Dursleys.

I enjoyed this first Harry potter book, as it is action packed and contains wizards. I like reading about wizards. The author, J.K. Rowling did a great job telling her story. This books exhibits friendship bonds and teaches about compassion for one another. Also, the book is a real page turner, as when you are reading, there is always something eventful occuring.
Unlike some other books that I have read, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was not a slow read. If you have an imagination, Harry potter is for you. If you like reading books with great vocabulary and descriptive words, you will love Harry Potter. I would give this book a five star rating, as I enjoyed learning about Harry’s past and the interesting storyline.

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