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  Grade 6 Reviews
  Orbiting Jupiter by Gary Schmidt

Review by: Masiya H.
Arkansas, Grade 6

One interesting thing about the book is that its mostly about people judging other people past. Joseph Brook is just a 14 year old who love this girl so much till Madeleine got her pregnant...Joseph got put in a home for boys and he only stayed 1 day and 1 night and snuck out. Jack and his family adopted Joseph so he could have a home and they knew what he was going through and they didn't judge him by his past...Later on Joseph found out madeleine was pregnant and she named the baby Jupiter because that was they favorite planet. Joseph first day of school was here and the whole school judged him by his past and he got into a fist fight. The next day Joseph ran away looking for his daughter, Jupiter so on the way Joseph stopped by a library and he grabbed a snack which was a bag of chips then he took off. Jack stopped at the library and asked the women did she know him and she said yes and Jack told her what was going on then she had this strange look on her face and then Jack realized the women was Jupiter's foster mom then the women got a call saying Joseph was at her door looking for Jupiter then when Jack and the women got to her house she gave Joseph a picture of how Jupiter look now...The police showed up at the women house Trying to take Joseph away..Weeks, Months later it was christmas and it was Joseph's first time inside of a church then when they came home it was a bad surprise...

I liked the book because it was sad and all the characters have a background story but we only know one and the book was full of Courage, Sadness, Doing the right thing, Love, Caring,Happiness, And Emotional.

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