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  Grade 7 Reviews
  The Clay Marble by Mingfong Ho

Review by: Dylan W.
North Carolina, Grade 7

Iíve never felt the real war experience until Mingfong Ho wrote this book. In 1979 was the Vietnam War also known as the Clay Marble setting in the war-torn sites of Thailand and Cambodia. I didnít know the war scene until a 12-year-old girl named Dara explained it to me.

This was a good book because everything in this book was real including the experiences. It was real because Mingfong Ho went the Cambodia as a red cross volunteer. Another reason I liked this book was because of the real like family problems they had that occur to us everyday.

Other characters in this book were Mother, Sarun, Grandpa Kem, Jantu, and Nea. The most mysterious character I was say is a boy named Chnay. He is having mood swings in almost every chapter. Chany is just one reason that youíll want to keep turning the pages in The Clay Marble.

Jantu and Dara run along and play all the time before they realize and bungle of Vietnamese soldiers invade. But as the story goes along their parents and elders realize the maturity of these girls. As they try to keep the family safe from the Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge.

As Iíve already told you The Clay Marble is known as war book. You know this because of a character named Duoic. His story is remarkable because while being with his family he got separated with his little brother and stepped on a land mine near the Nong Chan border.

The main character was Dara as we all know, but she is the main character because of her friend Jantu. Jantu was Daraís best friend and Dara lost her when her brother Sarun was on sentry duty with other guards. Well when Nea, Dara, and Jantu didnít reveal themselves Sarunís guards shot at them and one bullet hit Jantu in the mid-stomach area.

Even though this war was in the early 80ís and late 70ís war is still a very big problem in Cambodia and across the world and could happen to any country or place at this type of day.

Iíve left you here with very many cliffhangers so please read this book to see is Daraís family survives, if Jantu gets healed, and to see if anything out of the ordinary happens to these two families looking just to get back home safely.

I liked this book becuase of how realistic it is

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