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  Grade 7 Reviews
  The Clay Marble by Minfong Ho

Review by: Devin C.
North Carolina, Grade 7

The Clay Marble
By Minfong Ho
Review by Devin C.

I have never been to Cambodia in early 1979 but Minfong Ho mad me feel like I was there on the dirt road with Dara, Mother, and Sarun. They where looking for Nong Chan but it took them longer because they took the dirt road then the main road because they want to get away from the fighting and the bombing and instead of 2 days it took them 1 week to get there. One day they got stuck in a hole so Sarun tried to get it out but he couldn’t get it out so after a little wile a man came up to help him with a wagon full of rice seeds and rice. Sarun asked where did you get that rice seed? The man said at Nong Chan.

Dara is the reason I love this book, because she made me fell like I was there with her and her words were so true. She makes me see things and here things like she does. There is more then just on the road to Nong Chan, and Dara tells you about it.

Then they got to Nong Chan and met this girl name Nea that helped them get ready at the camp for the night, and she gave them some of her food. So Dara asked Nea where do we take a shower, Nea said in the open. After they took a shower they got some thing to eat and went to bed under the sky. The reason you keep turning the pages is because you want to see what happen in The Clay Marble.

Dara goes and look for a friend, after a wile she finds Jantu and they have a fun time playing while her mother is cooking something to eat for them. Then a strange boy comes and messes your dolls, his name was Chnay the bully, and he is 10 years old and he said look what make me strong and he had fire ants biting his arm.

The Clay Marble is filled with charters like Dara, Jantu, Sarun, Mother, and Nea makes them all seem just as real as the people in your own hometown. The family’s team up and the make and big family.

The most important character in the story is Dara because she is the main character. You can tell Dara is writing this story because she is telling how her family is the best thing in the world to her.

At the end of the story the is a shock in The Clay Marble that is very sad if you want to find out you should read The Clay Marble and you will love how the person tells the story. So whenever you get the chance to read it read it you will love it.

I liked this book because i never hear of Cambodia and i have never been there.

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