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  Grade 6 Reviews
  The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel

Review by: Olivia K.
Other, Grade 6

I think that an interesting thing in the book was that Will and his father were on the same train but they decided to not be together and Will stayed with Mr.Dorian.I think that this is interesting because earlier in the story Will and his father were fighting about what job Will will have when he is older, in this part Will wanted to become an artist and his father wanted him to work for his railway company. This is also interesting because Will's opinion was to become independent of his work and his father wanted him to work in a group with many others.

I thought that this lead to a theme; don't be unsupportive just because someone is not doing what your dream is for them. I think that this made it interesting because Will left his dad and became independent of his work because there was a disagreement with him and his father. Since he left his father it proved the beginning of the story wrong because at the beginning of the story Will really wanted to see his father so he went on the train to go get him and now later in the story Will wants to leave his dad because he is unsupportive of his dream to become an artist.

The reason I liked this book is that Will really wanted to follow his dream and become independent even if his own father is not willing to let him become an artist. This showed that Will believe in himself and tried to follow his dream. The book not only showed how Will followed his dream it also showed how Willís dad wants the best for him and tried to convince him to work for his company so he will definitely have a wealthy living. His dad was against him becoming an artist just because he wanted the best for his son and not that he doesn't like his sonís drawings. I really liked how the book showed the different perspectives, and how they are so different. I thought that it showed how people think differently and how the message that they want to tell can differ from different people.

I liked that there where parts with a lot of adventure but I didn't like that some parts didn't have any adventure and action. I liked how Will's father was a highlight at the start of the story but then later in the story, Will was the highlight of the story.

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