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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Icebreaker by Lian Tanner

Review by: Derek H.
Virginia, Grade 7

I liked the part when Fin stood up to Brother Thawn and threw a spanner at his head.

I liked this book because it portrays how a couple of nobodies saved the whole world. Everyone thought these few had no brains and were completely stupid. In the end, they proved them wrong. I also liked how one of the antagonists in the story turned good in the end. I also liked how there was usually mystery, but when they found out that Crab was Orca’s killer the whole time, it was pretty obvious. I figured this out because you could tell Crab hated Orca’s guts, and when a stranger came aboard, he had the perfect opportunity to frame him. Nobody knew the stranger, so they just assumed he was evil from the start. I thought it was kind of cruel that everyone treated her unfairly just because she was a mix of two tribes. Especially if the tribes are the most respected. You’d think someone as intelligent and creative as her would be respected even just as much as the others, maybe even more. I think Fin was underestimated from the start. When he was with his “brothers” and when he was on the Oyster with Petrel. His brothers underestimated him when they didn’t think he would figure out that machines aren’t evil. Petrel underestimated him when she thought he was totally innocent. I kind of thought Fin would be anti-machinist the whole book. I didn’t think Petrel would save him from his ‘gang’. I kind of thought that Fin would stay evil, and Petrel would have to stop him. I really liked this book. I have yet to read the next book in the series.

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