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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Seinanguage by Jerry Seinfeld

Review by: Autumn W.
Michigan, Grade 10

“Women need to like the job of the guy they’re dating. If they don’t like the job, they don’t like the guy. Men know this; which is why we make up the phony, bogus names for the jobs that we have. ‘Well right now, I’m the regional management supervisor. I’m in development, production, consulting….’ Men, on the other hand, if they are physically attracted to a woman, are not that concerned with her job. We’ll just go, “Really? Slaughterhouse? Is that where you work? That sounds interesting. So, what do you have, a big cleaver and you just lop there heads right off? That sounds great. Listen, why don’t you shower up and we’ll get some burgers and catch a movie.”
That last passage was from a section called dating in Jerry Seinfelds’ hilarious book SeinLanguage. It’s an autobiography. Jerry has a unique way of writing, not only do you feel as though you’re sitting in his audience, but he paints a wonderful picture in your mind. This book makes me laugh so hard, just looking at the different headings of sections, can make you laugh. Like; Freeway of love, Personal maintenance, Paldom, Shut up and drive, Job security, The thing is the thing, Out and back, and The ride of your life.
This book reminds me of a comedy barn, or some place that you go to see a comedian’s act. Only because he tells jokes like through the entire thing, and speaks his mind, which in my eyes makes me think of a comedy place. He’s as funny as a chicken running around with her head cut off, which is an expression I use a lot. He use’s different type’s of audience’s, like one minute you’ll think you’re his best friend, but then you’ll think your is lover or something. He reminds me of a little kid, he is always telling stories, like this one.
“My parents took me to the Amish country, which to a kid, to see a bunch of people that have no cars, no TV, no phone, you go, ‘So what? Neither do I.’ Who wants to see a whole community that’s been grounded? That’s the way they should punish the kids after they’ve seen Amish country. ‘All right son, get up to your room. That’s it, I’ve had it, you are Amish, young man. For the rest of this weekend. Did you hear me? Amish! And don’t come down till you’ve made some noodles and raised a barn.”
He uses a funny passage that I think is hilarious. “All fathers are intimidating. They’re intimidating because they are fathers. Once a man has children, for the rest of his life, his attitude is, ‘To hell with the world, I can make my own people. I’ll eat whenever I want, I’ll wear whatever I want, and I’ll create whoever I want.’” This section is one of many funny passages found in this book.
I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to laugh.

I liked it because it was funny.

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