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  Bella at Midnight by Diane Stanley

Review by: Alex P.
Rhode Island, Grade 6

One interesting thing about the book was how it was set up. The book itself is broken up into three seperatre books. Book one with one set of charecters and book two has another. In book three the charecters combine to form a story that you can't put down. Also, every chapter is written first person to a different charecter in the story. You get to see everyone's perspective and opinion in a situation. You also get to see how a charecter's opinion has changed as things progress when the story rotates back to that charecter.

I abselutly loved this book. The plot dragged you in and wouldn't let you go untill you had read every last word in the book. You are left little hints of things that are to come and can't wait to find out if they do happen and what happens as a result of them.

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