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  Heroes of the Holocaust by Ted Gottfried & Stephen Alcorn

Review by: Katie P.
New York, Grade 7

Before I had read this book I had never really read anything about the holocaust and the Nazis. This book takes place between the 1930ís and the 1940ís, and the setting is mainly Switzerland, France, Belgium, and Poland. As I was reading this book I felt like I could actually picture the scenes and some of the places where these people were hiding or referring to.
All of the characters in this book are teens risking there life to help there friends and family, of whom are Jews, hide from the Nazis. I think that one of the bravest teens was Henri Zylberminc or as his fake id said his name was Pierre. Henri risks his life to set up meeting places for other Jewish kids and to have base for the kids to stay.
Another one of the characters that I think was very brave was Maria Andzelm. Maria helped her parents hide two Jews how were trying to escape the Nazis they built a little cellar in the barn and Maria was the one who had to bring the food to them. She didnít really approve of this because she was afraid their nosey neighbor would tell the police and that they would get caught and her parents would be killed. Despite her fear Maria was brave and did whatever she could to help the two Jews in hiding.
The teens in this book are brave and willing to risk there lives. I think that if you enjoy books of bravery and courage then you should grab Heroes of the Holocaust and start reading right away!

I liked this book because it was about brave teens who risked their lives just to help their friends or family that were Jews.

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