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  Napoleon's Last Stand by David Boyd

Review by: Meno L.
British Columbia, Grade 7

Napoleonís Last Stand
David Boyd

The book Napoleons last stand is a graphic novel. It is about how Napoleon escaped from the island of Elba, and fought a in the battle of Waterloo.

The story starts out after Napoleons death. His niece is in her home with her son. Her son sees a Picture of Napoleon. He asks his mom about Napoleon. His mom starts to tell him how she helped Napoleon escape from Elba, the island he was put to prison on. To see how escaped; you will have to read the book. Anyway. When Napoleon escaped, and went back to France, he was crowned emperor. Once the English General, the Duke of Wellington, found out about this, he planned for a battle. The Battle of Waterloo.

Wellington had more allies. The Prussians. To find out what happened in the Battle of Waterloo, you will have to read the book.

I really liked this book because it involved a famous battle. I really like studying famous battle.

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