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  The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

Review by: Omar H.
Other, Grade 10

When David is in this other space, during his journey, he encounters various imaginary characters. These characters are derived from renowned fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. By weaving these stories into his fiction, Connolly has fashioned a book that promotes powerful imaginary scenes in the reader’s mind; it elicits the periods when we were young and innocent.

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly is a mysterious and dazzling story about a 12 year-old boy, David, whose mother dies of a grave ailment, and whose father remarries with another woman who later becomes pregnant. David is filled with rage, invidiousness, and fervor for love. It is a book about love, bereavement, existence, and adventure. This book is set during World War II; while David is pursuing his mother’s ghostly pleas for assistance, a German bomb nearly hits David, and abruptly, David is transferred into another dimension. Once he is in the fairytale world, David has numerous adventures. In one, a hunter who has killed a deer-girl with a bow and arrow, captures David, ties him up and puts him on his horse with the dead girl: “They rode for what seemed to David like an hour, perhaps more. The hunter did not speak. David felt dizzy from hanging across the horse, and his head hurt. The smell of the deer-girl’s blood was very strong and as their journey drew on, the touch of her skin against his grew colder and colder.” The Book of Lost Things is unquestionably not a book for young children, since it involves gruesome murders and other series of terrifying adventures. This book attracted me with its engaging, captivating, and extraordinary plot and exceedingly innovative, ingenious, and original characters. For example, imaginary races such as half-men and half-wolves provide me a sense of dreadfulness and interest at the same time. I enthusiastically recommend this book to booklovers who revel in bizarre fantasy and adventure.

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