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  Grade 7 Reviews
  The Clique #2: Best Friends for Never by Lisi Harrison

Review by: Amy M.
Pennsylvania, Grade 7

This book is aboout a group of popular group of girls and the rest of jealous misfits. The popular group decides to throw a monster blowout party for halloween. They wear their 'sexy devil' constumes to school and get in trouble because its against the dress code. Then their worst nightmare of having to wear uniforms comes true. They have a contest to see what kind of uniforms they should wear, the popular group splits up to battle against each other. Of cousre, they cheated by switching the booxes of votes. Massie, the leader of the group tells them to wait in the bushes then pounce on them. Whatever that means? Massies world comes crashing down when she finds out her crush is crushing on a misfit, and not her! Then she finds out that there is more to people than how popular you are.

I liked this book because it really tells about middle school. It puts it how it really is. Some of the things they say about it isn't true, but for the most part everything they say is reality in most middle schools. I also liked this book because it taught Massie a wonderful lesson about friendship. Friends can be completley opposite, but have the best of times together.

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