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  Birdwing by Rafe Martin

Review by: Brenna M.
Connecticut, Grade 7

Have you ever met a boy with one wing? I have, while enjoying the story of Ardwin Birdwing, one of six prince brothers who were once turned into swans. This enchanting tale, written by Rafe Martin, is called Birdwing.

Once upon a time six brothers were turned into swans by their evil stepmother. Their sister took the risk of trying to change them back, which meant she could not speak, laugh, or cry for six years. She was to weave six shirts of starwort and nettle, one for each brother. Almost every time she finished one, it would fall apart. At the end of the six years her swan brothers arrived and the shirts were thrown over them, only the littlest shirt was missing the left sleeve. So instead of a left arm, Ardwin was left with a wing.

He grows up thinking his wing is a curse, but when he learns his father, the king, plans to cut it off, he takes off on a journey that finds him friends, enemies, and most of all the knowledge that the wing is a blessing.

I loved this book because itís a fantasy that I have wanted to live, having my own wing.

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