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  Alex Rider #1: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

Review by: Bilge D.
Other, Grade 6

Stormbreaker is a book full of mystery and adventure. The author Anthony Horowitz has made this book so exciting that you don’t know what will happen when you turn the next page. It all began after Ian Rider’s mysterious death which dragged his nephew, Alex, into all sorts of dangerous adventures. Alex is the heart of this book.

Alex is a brave 14 year old; this is why after his uncle’s death he was forced to work with MI6 the spy company that his uncle used to work for which he always kept a secret from Alex. Throughout his adventure Alex meets people who are on his side and faces enemies who would like to kill him.

Herod Sayle, an immigrant to Britain, is one of the men who wants to kill Alex. In the book he is a mysterious and secretive character. Sayle has an evil plan which is why MI6 put Alex on a top secret mission to spy on him. Alex must face many challenges to defeat Sayle and protect his country from the evil immigrant from Lebanon.

Then there is the much more mysterious Mr. Grin and Nadia Vole who work beside Mr. Sayle to put his evil plans in action. In the book Nadia Vole is not very well described, however it is revealed that Mr. Grin used to work for a circus but left his job when a terrible accident happened to him.

Stormbreaker is full of strange characters which makes this book a whole lot more interesting. In this book there are lots of words to describe the setting and which ever situation the character is stuck in. For example the following sentence describes Sayle’s large mansion. “Watercolour and oils, prints, drawings, sculptures in stone and bronze, all crowded together with nowhere for the eye to rest.”

We recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about spies, mystery and adventure. We believe it’s a bit like a new 14 year old James Bond serving his country, however in this case Alex does not have a choice, he must complete this mission. If you want to find out what happens to Alex, Sayle and how Ian Rider died, we suggest you read this book. Stormbreaker is also a movie, which you can enjoy after you read the book.

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