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  Alex Rider #1: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

Review by: Anabella & Xiao Yi S.
Other, Grade 5

Stormbreaker is a story full of adventure and mysteries. The author Anthony Horowitz used many descriptive metaphors to describe the characters and events. The story is about a fourteen-year-old boy named Alex Rider. He was forced to become a spy after his uncle Ian Rider died.

Becoming a spy is a new thing for Alex. He was a spy for MI6. He meets Alan Blunt, head of MI6, Mrs. Jones, head of special operations and Smithers, gadget master. He was sent to spy on Herod Sayle, creator of the Stormbreaker computers. Mrs. Jones also told him to look out for Yassen Gregorovich, who they believe killed Ian Rider.

Alex starts training with K Unit and his code-name becomes Cub. Soon after, he was sent to Herod Sayle’s house to spy on him. He suspected nothing at first. However, when he finds a diagram drawn by his uncle in the bedroom, he realizes that it leads to an old mine. The mine led to a secret room underground and soon Alex finds out what Sayle is really up to. Will he be able to stop him?

Alex is why we liked the story. He has a wonderful personality. He is brave and he’s up for a challenge. He’s very clever as well because he always finds a way out from Sayle Enterprises. He’s also the world’s most reluctant spy.

Stormbreaker is an action-packed story full of mysteries and excitement. We all like this entire story because its unpredictable and we are always wonder what will happen next. We are sure that you will like this book and we recommend you to read it.

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