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  Guinness World Records 2008 by Craig Glenday

Review by: Mayra R.
Colorado, Grade 4

One interesting fact was the fattest person.

When I read World Record Book for Kids by Zoe Swansher it amazed me with the records and facts.
There were many different kinds of weird records.
One record was a dog that could hold fifteen balls in his mouth. He must have had a big mouth for a dog. He is an amazing dog.
Another record was a man with the longest beard. I think it is gross and he should shave it off. It is very long and weird. Also a record was that a lady with the longest fingernails. I prefer she cuts them. How could she even live with those disgusting nail. The picture gave me the creeps. There were also facts and records about places too.
For example, Africa with the swarm of the locusts. The farmers hate these pests because they eat their crops. They come around yearly.
Also another place was Thailand with the swarm of the red crabs. It happens yearly too. The people enjoy the crabs so they don’t mind, but when they are born and go across the highway they die from getting run over by cars. Another place was in the mountains some where are deadly mosquito’s’. These bugs make you very ill.
I recommend this book because it has many facts and records that are very crazy and weird you might even want to meet these people.
You should read this book because it has many interesting things. If you like outrageous stuff this book will interest you.

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