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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Eggs by Jerry Spinelli

Review by: Cassey S.
Oregon, Grade 7

Just because the title is Eggs doesn抰 mean its all about the food, eggs. In fact, it抯 not even about eggs at all! This book, written by Jerry Spinelli, is mainly about friendship, loss, and recovery. It抯 about a nine year old boy named David, and how he lives his life after the death of his mother.

The story starts when David and his grandmother is in the car on their way to an Easter egg hunt. They recently moved after his mom died. His dad is always working, so David抯 always stuck with his grandma twenty-four/seven. He has no friends and he made it clear that he doesn抰 want any.

123匟UNT! The Easter egg hunt has started. It was hard for David to find eggs, and when he did, they all quickly snatched it from his hands. David started searching up into a tree, and then he saw it, a face, so beautiful, so still, almost like it was dead. He talked to it, told it his name, and where he moved from (Minnesota). He showed the face his 搈emento that he NEVER showed anyone, but he carried it around everywhere with him. He waited day after day for the newspaper to say BODY FOUND IN PARK. It never did, so he stopped waiting.

A few days later, he and his grandma went to a read-out-loud for children. He sat in the very back as well as the sleeping teenager that just walked in. As she was sleeping, David moved seat after Seat closer to the girl. At last he saw the face. David yelled in fear, 揧ou抮e dead! You抮e dead! The teenager, Primrose simply checked her hands, touched her face, gave David a card and walked away. David read:
Madame Dufee
Reader and Advisor
揗eet your tomorrow today
Tulip Street

The next day David visited Primrose, and so they became friends, but as a nine year old and a teenager, they don抰 always get along so well. You read the book to figure out the rest. If you continued reading it, you抎 figure out David抯 搈emento, how Primrose and David get along, and their adventures, and how David recovers After his mom抯 death.

I think David is a stubborn boy, and so is Primrose. It抯 so humorous how they treat each other. Jerry Spinelli is a great author with many awarded books, as well as this one. 揈legant and Humorous- Kurkus 揂-Entertainment Weakley.

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