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  Nobody Nowhere: The Extraordinary Autobiography of an Autistic by Donna Williams

Review by: Stephen R.
New Hampshire, Grade 10

Nobody Nowhere was a biography writen by this woman (Donna Williams) who was an autistic. She told about her life, and growing up with the struggles of being autistic. Her mother was unable to understand Donna, and compleatly evil to her, making her daughter cry on purpose every day when Donna got home from school, and abusing the autistic girl to the point that, on one occasion, the mother stuffed a rag down Donnas throught, she vomited through her nostrils, and passed out. Donna was 3 years old. Her book gave me a BETTER understanding of autism, and people who have autism, but one of the messages the book gave was that unless you have it, have first hand experienced it, you can never fully understand autism.

At the age of 22, Donna Williams needed to find her self, the search inspired her to put her thoughts to paper, and publish it to share with the world. Any curious sort of person would have a great time reading this. It can be emotionally tough to get through at times, but it's certianly one of the most interesting boks I've ever read.

I loved the book from cover to cover. I'm not a big reader, but I didnt want to put this away! I read on the bus, in class, during lunch, when ever! It slowed down alot towards the end, but not even that can take away from the power this book gives off.

The slow down may discourage me from reading another book by Donna Williams for now, but I'm more than sure I'll read another in the future. I really admired this womans courage, her story wasn't easy to read, never mind write and share.

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