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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Sang Spell by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Review by: Rob M.
Pennsylvania, Grade 10

Phyllis Naylor once wrote a book called Sang Spell. I had mixed feelings for this book because it lacked action, excitement, and reality. I did not follow this book’s theme at all. This is one of those times were I wish I had four hands, so I could give it four thumbs down.
This book basically was about a kid learning a lesson and getting in touch with his inner self. His mother passed away and he tried to hitch hike all the way to Texas from Boston. On his way he was robbed and ended up at this place called Canara. He tried and tried to get out but found he couldn’t. He had to change as a person and learn a lesson on his own in order to leave. He finally got in touch with himself and met some pretty cool people along the way. It was a life changing experience.
This book mostly took place at a farm that had its own little orbit and was pretty much a world of its own. Now if this book would have been like it was in the beginning it would have been an awesome book with many adventures. I thought he would spend the whole book hitchhiking all the way to Texas.

The characters in this book really were all nonchalant. They were boring and lacked excitement. The only person I really felt like I connected with was Josh. I know what its like to lose a loved one like he did. He was really into sports just like I am. But other than that I think the characters could have been more flamboyant.
There were really only two good parts in the book that I personally was excited reading. First, the beginning of the book was really entertaining. Josh tries to hitchhike the whole way to Texas and gets picked up by this random guy. They drive around talking for a couple of hours and then he tells him to get out and takes all his money. I even think he smashed Josh’s ribs. Then he wonders off to this farm and that’s when the book took a turn for the worst.
The ending of the book was really intense. He and a boy named Kasper get into a fight because Kasper wants out and will kill Josh if he doesn’t help. But Josh just told his good friend Mavis and they trapped him in this building for eternity. Josh finally got out of Canara and was free.
In conclusion I would not recommend reading this book unless you’re at a library and the only books left were this and the biography of King Tut.

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