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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Review by: Gianina H.
Colorado, Grade 7

Margaret Mitchell was born November 8, 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia. Ms. Mitchell grew up around stories about the Civil War and before she was ten she knew the south lost. Her mother’s name was Mary Isabelle and she was Irish. Ms. Mitchell father’s name was Eugene Mitchell. He was an Atlanta attorney and he was Scotch-Irish and French. Margaret went a year at Smith College and study journalism. When Margaret was about 25 she married Berrien Kinnard Marsh. In 1925 she and her husband moved in to an apartment. There she wrote; gone with the Wind.
Ms. Mitchell describes the setting and the charters very well. ( Text) This book makes me feel like I’m there. Right in front of it all! “Moreover, now that she was away from Tara, she missed it dreadfully, missed the red fields and the springing green cotton and the sweet twilight silence.” Page number 155. Se, reefing to the main charter of the book, is Scarlett O’Hara. Tara is not a person but a plantation where she lives. Margaret has so much beautiful I can picture seen.
I started to read this book because I waned to know how a teenager in the 1800’s thought. Also, I wanted to know how a feisty sixteen year old thought of love and acted. This 16 year old is Scarlett O’Hara. “What dress would best set off her charms and make her most irresistible to Ashley?” page number 74. Girls haven’t changed! My friend takes about an hour to get ready in the morning! Now, I can tell that when it comes to clothes, 18000 centaury or not girls are picky!
People should read Gone with he Wind because it’s an Epic novel. Epic novel is little adventures in just one story. Gone with the Wind is an epic novel of romance that a teenager has. “She cried until Charles climbed into bed beside her and tried to comfort her, cried without words until no more tears would come and at last she lay sobbing quietly on his shoulder.”Page number 131. See why she was crying. “The future when the war was over…In the seventh week, there came a telegram from Colonel himself, and then a letter, a kind, dignified letter of condolence. Charles was dead.” When you check the book out there is 1,037 pages and about 53 chapters but the book would keep you in it! You may be done in a week or more.
So for I have that it’s romance of Scarlett O’Hara’s life. But this girl is love crazy! “He’d be too much of a gentleman not to marry me.” Page number100. Talk about Shallow! You can’t blame the woman! She is a teenager and I’ll tell you I know. This girl I know can’t stop talking about boys! Girls don’t change when it comes to that subject!
Love is in the Air! Can’t Scarlett understand? “No Ashley was in couldn’t be in love with Melanie, because-oh, She couldn’t be mistaken!-because he was in love with her! She,Scarlett, was the one he loved-she knew it!”page number 22. Too me it makes me understand girls better and I’m a girl! This is all new to me because I never read a romance novel, as deep as this one. Like I said before; Girls are boy crazy!
Margaret is also very passionate with her words. They are so descriptive! “The warm damp balmness of spring encompassed her sweetly with the moist smells of new-plowed earth and all the fresh green things pushing up on the air.” Page number 28. Shocked and still amazed how someone could write. Of all books I’ve ever read this is the best one! Trust me, I’m a book worm!

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