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  Chanters of Tremaris #1: The Singer of All Songs by Kate Constable

Review by: Amy W.
Arizona, Grade 7

The Singer of All Songs is by Kate Constable and is about a girl named Calwyn. Magic still lives in the land where Calwyn lives. But the catch is that you have to sing to be able to use the magic. The people who are able to use the magic are called chanters. Depending on how high or low you can sing determines what power you control. The powers are: Ice, Fire, Wind, Water, Iron, Seeming (Where someone can make people believe there are objects or animals there when there aren’t.), Becoming, Tongue, and Beast.
Calwyn’s power is Ice. She knows only of her city because of a wall of ice that surrounds it. Darrow, Iron, enters her world and changes it forever. Darrow tells her that her city, Antaris, is the only place where chanters are wanted; everywhere else, chanters have to hide their powers. He tells her of Samis. Samis is an evil sorcerer who wants to take over the world. Calwyn leaves her city for the first time with Darrow to look for other chanters;-one for each power- to help them defeat Samis. Calwyn later learns that Samis used to be Darrow’s best friend! They have to race against time before Samis can learn all the songs of the powers and become a singer of all songs. Who will win? Calwyn and Darrow, or Samis? The fate of their world rests in their hands.

The Singer of All Songs is the first book in the series. My older sister suggested this book to me. I couldn't put it down! I wonder what will happen in the second and third books? I hope that I was able to convince you to read The Singer of All songs!

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