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  Grade 7 Reviews
  David Rain's Dragons #1: The Fire Within by Chris D'Lacy

Review by: Matt G.
Arizona, Grade 7

When Liz pennykettle put her house up for rent, David moved in and not all things were normal for David like his last room. Talkative girl, clay dragons that magically come to life, and a one-eyed squirrel. Lucy Penneykettle (Liz pennykettle’s daughter) drove David into this wild story of conker the one-eyed squirrel and the heartwarming story of the clay dragons. David doesn’t believe any of this girl’s story and drives Lucy insane.
Liz made a very nice looking dragon with green scales. David didn’t know what to name him, and that’s when Liz told him to listen to his dragon, what he wanted to be named. He thought that was crazy, but he did it anyway. Instantly after all the direction of Liz, he heard a voice in his mind saying Gadzooks and so that’s what the dragon was named.
Mr. Bacon, the pennykettle’s nabor, foolishly takes conker as a rat, putting up traps in the yard to get rid of him. Lucy was heartbroken of the sight. David came up with a cruel and evil plan to get rid of the traps which involved hurting Mr. Bonnington , the family cat. The cat ended up in the trap, with Liz ordering Mr. Bacon to put the traps away.
Lucy turned eleven but David didn’t have any money to buy her a gift, and Lucy has always ragged on him about reading and writing a story for her, so that’s what he did. On the birthday the story David presented to her was about what had been going on as David had lived there.
Will David master the “Fire Within”, for you to know, you have to read this book!

This Book was nicely and carefully written. Another great job by Chris

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