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  Charlie Wilcox's Great War by Sharon E. McKay

Review by: Fallon C.
Ontario, Grade 8

The Last few chapters are hard to keep yourself from smiling and Charlie’s run ins with the allies keep you on the edge of your seat. When he is flying around battle fields with Weston the suthour describes the emotions that both characters are feeling very well.

My first opinion of this book was that it would be like every other war book making the main character seem a hero and the lovebirds become married in the end; not all love birds came together but Charlie is sure the hero of Newfoundland. For the first half of the novel I was treading through each chapter praying for a new story to emerge or a new character to liven it up. But those hopes were set a little too high. Not until around the middle of the book did Charlie’s adventures reach an exciting level and somewhat grab my attention. I don’t know if it was because I was unable to read the first part of this sequel that I was not captivated by the story line, but it was not a book I would recommend to a person that wasn’t a big fan of history or war stories. The story seemed to just go along without really pulling my attention in and helping me relate with it. To me a good story is something that makes you want to read on and gives you something that you can relate to like love or being cared for. Charlie felt these things, but those thoughts seemed far off from his main focus of hiding from officials in the army. This book was not something that I would read again.

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