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  Grade 7 Reviews
  The Big Lie: A True Story by Isabella Leitner

Review by: Adam R.
North Carolina, Grade 7

Could you imagine being a Jewish girl from Hungary during World War II? The Big Lie is about a girl named Isabella and her brothers and sisters. The Big Lie is written by Isabella Leitner. It is a first person auto-biography. The illustrations are by Judy Pedersen. The Big Lie is about a Jewish girl who has moved around concentration camps to camps and lost her brother and her mother. Will Isabella survive the punishment by the Naziís? Read this book to find out. I liked this book because the characters, writing style and the genre and setting.
The main character is Isabella. Sheís got 6 brothers and sisters. The baby is Potyo. Her brother is Philip, the others are Regina, Chicha, and Cipi. Isabella is a 9 year old girl who is not afraid of anything. When her mom was lost in the group of people she gave everything to them and help them like she was a mother. The character made the book better because of what she did to help her family and how to be a leader.
I liked the authorís writing style. You could imagine her voice reading the story to you. The authorís style is suspenseful. The book is suspense because you wonder if she will survive or not and if she can help her brother. The other thing I like is the adjectives the author uses. Itís not too wordy, but the adjectives are easy to read. I like the writing style because itís suspenseful.
The genre of The Big Lie is history. This genre fits this book because the book is based during World War II and that was in 1940ís. I like reading historical books and true stories like this one because you learn about what people have been through and how that has shaped your world today.

I liked this book because I like learning about World War II and what happened to the war and to Hitler. If you are like me and you like World War II or history you should read this book. The author of this book is a survivor of World War II, and she was a Jewish girl.

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