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  Grade 7 Reviews
  The Ghost of Fossil Glen by Cynthia DeFelice

Review by: Katherine L.
North Carolina, Grade 7

Meet Allie Nichols, An 11-Year-Old fossil hunting girl, Who is currently hanging on the side of a cliff for dear life. Now imagine if a voice in your head wills you to live, Except for the fact that the voice isn’t yours. Cynthia DeFelice now tells you the story of The Ghost of Fossil Glen, and a young child who can see and hear the dead. As you follow Allie on her journey, The rule you have to know is to believe in the unbelievable, And sit on the floor, because you’re going to fall out of your seat. I enjoy the Author’s writing style, her stubborn and loyal characters who never stop to avenge the murdered ghost, And the dark mystery behind every chapter until the shocking surprise near the end.
The main character in this book is able to contact ghosts, But besides that, Is a personal girl who is kicked down for her existing yet unbelived stories. For instance, “And this voice spoke to me with help!”-Allie, “Here we go; now you’re hearing voices.”-Karen.
And then theirs Allie’s friend, Dub, Who is a direct, thoughtful boy who believes Allie,
For instance, “I heard this voice Dub, It told me what to do.”-Allie. “It happened, I guess you’ll just have to wait and see if it happens again.” Said Dub trustfully. All in All, Allie’s friendship and Dub’s trust help show us that when crazy and unbelievable things happen you find out who your real friends are.
Throughout this story, The Author’s writing style is like a shadowed hallway slowly coming to light at the end, And that’s a good key to keep your reader. This would be a 3rd person point of view, Scince there is no “I said”, Just “Allie said”. It also helps you see from all the detailed characters sides. Cynthia DeFelice’s direct style of writing makes you feel as though you are right next to Allie, Close and at the same time a movie. An example of the gripping writing would be: “Allie Nichols clung to the side of the steep cliff, trying to calm her racing heart and think.” “The tips of her sneakers dug into the crumbly rock of the Cliffside. Every time she tried to move, She dislodged several layers of thin, slippery shale.” The style appealed to me because of the feelings of anger and sorrow towards the characters, Like how it relates to the real world and how cruel it can be.
Next, in case you’re confused about what genre this book is, It could be horror, Along with mystery, as well as a ghost story! I say its mystery, Because there’s an unsolved murder, and a unknown killer. It could be a ghost story, Because of the ghost who contacts Allie and wants her to solve their murder. And it also could be a horror due to the suspense and sheer terror that you read and experience with the character. But I still say it’s a mystery because of all the shocking clues and what happens when you mess with Allie Nichols.
Today would be a truly great day to read The Ghost of Fossil Glen for an amazing novel by a wonderful author with awing stories. I liked this book because I enjoy a good thriller, And I would suggest this story for someone who enjoys an epic page turner and an easy-to-startle-you story.

Cynthia DeFelice always listened to stories with her siblings instead of playing, and when she grew up, She went to a New York collage. She quit her job on a farm after an ascendant on a ladder, and married Ralph DeFelice. Having a job as a librarian, she saw how many people loved her mother’s stories which gave her the courage to become a writer. The Ghost of Fossil Glen never won any awards, but Cynthia did win an awarded for her book, “The Apprenticeship of Lucas Whitaker”. Over all, Very good story, I recommend it highly.

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