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  Grade 12 Reviews
  Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Review by: Ana C.
California, Grade 12


The novel The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is one extraordinary journey through the eyes of a young sales man. The Metamorphosis was the longest of Kafkaís completed works. The novel was divided into 3 different parts each part ending with a climatic moment. The novel has many characters. Gregor Samsa, a traveling sales man who one day transforms into a giant insect. His life was very lonely and unhappy. He was seen as the families provider until the day he had his horrible transformation, after that he was seen as the burden of the family. Grete Samsa is Gregors younger sister who is the only one who truly cares for Gregor after his transformation. Although she was the only one who truly cared for Gregor she to gets tired of him and often leaves him in his room all alone. This leads to her eventually wanting to get rid of Gregor. There are of course Mr. And Mrs. Samsa, who are Gregorís parents. Mr. Samsa has given the responsibility of supporting the family since the father has lost his job. Mr. Samsa is out raged at the transformations of Gregor and often lets out his anger on Gregor. He beats and throws thing at Gregor calling him a monster and a good for nothing. This leads to Gregor becoming depressed and often never leaving his room. Mrs. Samsa on the other hand stills cares for Gregor but often faints at the sight of him. She tries to protect Gregor from his angry father by locking him up in his bedroom all day and night. Since Gregor can not
leave his room he has to rely on his family to take care of him which in time they start to his own Gregor and forget about him. They start to pile old future in Gregor room leave him in their crowed and lonely. This novel is a really great story. Its not one for the faint of heart but if you can handle things like this then itís the right novel for you. Although its quite hard to follow. You really need to pay attention to the small stories within the novel. There are a lot of flash backs and metaphors in the novel. It was very confusing in the beginning and also at the end. I had to keep reading one chapter several times because I was afraid that I had missed something. The story was quite tragic and entertaining. Its one of those stories that you want to read to the end. The plot was really complicated to understand. Like I said you really need to pay attention to the novel. The main lesson in this story was to sacrifice yourself for the people you love. It was a great novel, yet I do not believe that I would ever read it again.

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