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  Grade 12 Reviews
  Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Review by: Aaron Z.
California, Grade 12

Franz Kafka is the author of The Metamorphosis and Other Stories. This book is filled with many dark stories and strange tales. Some of these stories donít make sense till you think about it. You have to become dark and strange in order to understand these stories. Some of these stories are complicated but some are really easy to understand. The author wanted these stories to not make any sense.
The first story is about an emperor. Thatís why the story is called A Message from the Emperor. In this story an Emperor send a messenger, you, to deliver a secret message to someone. The Messenger, at once after hearing the message, sets off on his long journey. The messengerís endless journey seems all for naught because the messenger travels through city after city, through crowds of people. The messenger eventually dies because he couldnít do it anymore. This story had a very deep meaning. To me, Kafka wanted to tell us that we are nothing. He wanted to tell us that we canít even do the simplest tasks without failing. I donít think Kafka liked people and this story is a very good example of it. This first story is short yet it said a lot but the next story is a little longer.
The next story, The Metamorphosis, is just as dark and strange as the one before. The only difference is that this one made a lot more sense. In the beginning, a boy in his early 20ís named Gregor somehow transformed overnight into a giant cockroach. Gregor didnt realize this till he tried to get up for work. He woke up late that day so his parents were curious to see what the problem was. When a representative from the office he worked at, showed up at his house to question the whereabouts of Gregor. Gregor came out and scared away his parents and the man. Gregorís younger sister was not frightened though. She remained calm and somehow knew that it was Gregor. His parent grew scared of Gregorís appearance and his father grew cynical. One day Gregorís father threw a fruit at him and severely injured Gregor. This causes Gregor to become very sad and he retreated to his room for several weeks. Gregorís parents forget about him and began renting out the house to people. One night Gregorís sister began to play the violin and a trance came over Gregor. He followed the sound and was spotted by the renters. His parents scolded him and told him they hated him. They told him he wasnít Gregor anymore. Gregor spiraled into depression and died that night. This story was sad but easy to read and had a very good moral behind it. I think Franz Kafka was trying to say that humans are incapable of loving something else that isnít common. People often question other people if they would love them if they were this or that. Kafka is showing these people that itís all a big lie.
Franz Kafkaís stories were really confusing yet they all had a really viable lesson to them. Though they are very difficult to understand at first, I still recommend this book to everyone. It teaches us to realize were are not perfect and we need to fix ourselves. These stories are telling us the truth. We all should read this book. It might make us realize how ugly we are.

It showed people what they really are. Kafka puts in a way no other can

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