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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz

Review by: Jake W.
Wisconsin, Grade 10

On the stormy night that Jimmy Tock is born, his dying grandfather correctly predicts the facts of his birth, including the fact that he will be born with fused toes, and also foresees that there will be five horrible days ahead in Jimmy's life. Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz is a must read for almost everyone. The story is about a child with a grandfather that makes chilling predictions about his future and about the life he leads trying to escape these prophecies.

As an adult, Jimmy Tock is like any other average person you could meet. He is a well-developed baker who learned his skills from his father who had the same occupation. The story takes place in an upper-class suburban town named Snow County, California. It is probably the last place you would think strange events like the ones in this book would happen.
Each of the five days provides Jimmy’s life with plenty of suspense and fear for his life. However if his grandfather’s predictions are correct, he knows he should survive until at least the last date, but in his heart he realizes his loved ones are in danger. Family is extremely important to Jimmy and he would likely risk his own life for any of his families. This is ironic because in my eyes the greatest twist of the story involves his family.
The role of each of Jimmy’s family members is important in this book. His father and mother, Rudy and Madelaine Tock are always there to support Jimmy when he needs them. They are vital in Jimmy making it through the terrible days. Also, Lorrie Lynn Hicks is a woman he meets on the first feared date. She proves to be just as significant through the book as Jimmy does himself.
Overall, Life Expectancy will give you a different perspective on life. It will show you exactly what should be important to you. This book will keep you on the edge through the whole story and you will be exploding with curiosity almost every chapter. This is a very enjoyable book that will make you want to read many others written by Dean Koontz.

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