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  Grade 7 Reviews
  The Giver by Lois Lowry

Review by: Anna V.
Louisiana, Grade 7

Nowadays, living in a perfect community is just about impossible. But in the science fiction novel, The Giver, Lois Lowry fixes all of the flaws that we have in our society today. Jonasís unit, or family, lives in a utopia until Jonas becomes the Receiver of Memory and changes things up.

In his community Jonas lives with his mom, dad, and sister in their family unit. Since he was young, Asher has been Jonasís best friend and heís always liked a girl named Fiona. Jonasís father works at the nurturing center and took one of the babies, Gabriel, home to take better care of him. After being assigned Receiver of Memory, Jonas was trained by the previous receiver, or the Giver.

To make their community perfect, they have lots of rules. In the morning, kids were obligated to tell their dreams and in the evening the unit had to share all of their feelings. The reason for sharing dreams was so that the parents would know when it was time to start giving the children pills for their stirrings. Stirrings were when somebody had feelings for someone else like Jonas had for Fiona. Stirrings were prevented so that only birth mothers could have babies and the population would be controlled. That way there was no hunger. Only 50 babies could be born each year and 50 elders had to be released. At a ceremony of release the person being released would give a farewell speech, and then walk through a certain door. Only the people releasing the person who was being released knew what happened behind those doors.

Nobody else knew.
Jonas is an anxious eleven who, along with all the other elevens, was going to be assigned his job at the ceremony of twelve. When the ceremony finally comes, the lady announcing the jobs skips Jonasís name. This made Jonas even more worried. At the end she went back to him and said that he had been assigned the most important job, the Receiver of Memory.

The next day Jonas went for his training by the previous receiver and got a better understanding of what he would be doing. He was told that he would receive all of the memories from the past to keep for his community. He would use the memories to help advise other people, who didnít have the memories. Some of the memories were good and others were physically and internally painful.

To receive memories, the Giver places his hands on Jonasís back and somehow the memories are transferred to Jonas and then the no longer has it. Sometimes Jonas liked receiving memories and other times he hated it because it caused him so much pain.

In Jonasís community, there were no colors and people didnít love each other. It was like love never existed. In some of the memories that he received there was love and color and Jonas got to thinking. He was very upset how there was no more color and love.

Since Jonas had the most important job, he had the power to ask whatever questions he wanted to whom ever he wanted. Jonasís dad told him that he had been nurturing twins but one of them would have to be released. Thatís when he asked the Giver what happened when someone was released. The Giver told him that he would show him the video of one of the twins being released instead of explaining it. In the video he was shocked at what really happened and he was furious that his dad was one of the people doing it. He was even madder that his dad had been lying to him. Thatís when he and the Giver came up with a plan to change things.
I really admire the way that Lois Lowry writes and explains everything so well. Like when she described the word frighten. ďFrightened meant that deep, sickening feeling of something terrible about to happen,Ē is the way she described it.
I thought that this book was very interesting and it made me want to keep reading. At some parts in the book I was confused but then I kept reading and it got cleared up. For people who donít stop reading the first time they get confused, I would definitely recommend this book for them.

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