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  Bluford #13: Search for Safety by John Langan

Review by: Andrea B.
New York, Grade 9

Search For Safety is an easy-to-read book by John Langan, who is known for his work for the Bluford High series. Most of Langanís books demonstrate problems most teenagers face during their high school years, such as abuse, friendship and bullies.
Search For Safety tells about 16-year-old Ben whose mom, Geneva, recently marries and moves into his stepfather Larryís house. But the thought of leaving his aunt Fay isnít as hard as to having to live with a man like Larry. Having to start Bluford High School with bruises covering his body and lying to his friends and teachers isnít half the trouble heís facing at home. If Ben doesnít speak up and tell the truth, it will probably be too late for him and his mother.

I really enjoyed Search For Safety because it made me realize that not everyone lives a perfect life ó neither at home nor at school. Also by keeping quiet when things are wrong, only makes things worse. The author did a great job using vivid language to paint a picture of the action.

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