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  Reviews of Legends, Myths, & Tales Books
  I Am Mordred: A Tale of Camelot by Nancy Springer

Review by: Jacob S.
Arkansas, Grade 7

Merlin's prophecy tells that if Mordred isn't killed, he would someday murder King Arther, his father.

I haven't ever known what it's like to be a famous knight of the round table for the great King Arthur nor will I ever have this experience, but in I Am Mordred by Nancy Springer, I feel as if I ride into battles right by his side while a new twist is added to the story. The story, in the 16th century admidst the mysterious Camelot, mystifies the reader with a new King Arthur never perceived before as he makes a terrible mistake that leads to the cast away of all boys born May Day...including his own son.
Mordred is a vital character to the story even as he proves to be a great example for people in today's society. He does the unexpected and just shows how strong of person he is through the struggles he has to face; the problems arenít even his fault. Nyneve is a short time friend with a lot of advice to help Mordred. In doing so, she protects him from wild, savaging wolves and comforts him with a subtle dog named Gull.
The larger theme of this story is being prejudice. Everyone who acquaints with Mordred takes him as an evil moster out to get their great king. This is one reason the events throughout the book seemed so real; it has such close ties with the world as we know it.
Although King Arthur is perceived as a bad man in the beginning through his horrifying mistake, later on he is the highflying hero when he helps save Mordred. Also, you see how great and true of a leader he is. For example, when first meeting Mordred, he did not do the expected, he simply granted him a boon. In addition, when Mordred requested to go on a quest, King Arthur furnishes him with only the best horse and armor.
The author keeps you interested by using a mysterious tone in some parts of the book; for example,

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