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  Reviews of Legends, Myths, & Tales Books
  I Am Mordred: A Tale of Camelot by Nancy Springer

Review by: Alex D.
Arkansas, Grade 7

In this book I learned how every village was dictatored by a king back in midevil times.

In the begging of this book Mordred is sent out to sea as he was supposed to die until a fisher lady comes and takes mordred as a gift from the sea. Mordred and the fishermom grow to become very attached until one day Mordred is taken by a very spiritual witch named Nyneve. Mordred is brought to lothania by Nyneve. He is forced to meet his cruel, violent, and aggressive sibilings, as they battle to see which is more worthy to be King Arthur's son

Later when Mordred is older he goes to meet his father King Arther. Mordred serves as a knight for his father to gain his love and respect. King Arther begins to give Mordred many advantages and then later sends mordred on a quest to camelot. Mordred meets with a fortune teller and is told that he is destined to kill his father king Arther. Mordred Knows that this will not be a easy task.

This book is a exciting page turner, because many of the scenes are very unexpected on his trip to camelot and throughout the book. You'll come to find that the strange and myserious wizard named Merlin turns out to be a very exiting factor in the book. I really enjoyed reading the book, exept there are many metaphores that that you need to be able to translate. This is one of the best books you can find about knights and midevil times.

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