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  Grade 10 Reviews
  The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin

Review by: Angela L.
Pennsylvania, Grade 10

*****The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin. This book takes place in the apartment of Nikki Walsh. As she is out partying and going from club to club and some nights not even coming home, Matthew the protagonist of this story is trying to take care of his two little sisters. This book took me spring break about a week to read. Each chapter is stood out by big bold words giving you a preview on what is going to happen next. It gives you the suspense you want to keep reading and flipping for the next page.
*****Matthew writes this book to his little sister, Emmy who would probably not remember the events that went on as she grows up. The kids are practically slaves to their mother as their father is at college and working to become a doctor is always up to date sending his monthly checks. $ 1200 a month. Matt is astounded by Murdoch as he sticks up to a man that was about to hit his little kid in a grocery store. From this point on Matt tries to find this Murdoch. Eventually Murdoch and Nikki end up dating. She tries to cover up the true her to keep him around. But a person can only hide for so long and he see’s that the way she acts towards her kids is not normal and he ends it there. The kids are very saddened to see him leave as they have always wanted a father figure in their life.
*****Matthew and the kids go through a long period of time when they long for a hero to come and save them. They pray and hope for the longest time. A twirling twist of events leads up to a death of a nearby character. This hardens the case against Nikki though and this is what her sister and Murdoch and Ben the father of the kids have been waiting for. They need her to mess up. Nikki gets sent off to jail here and there and pushes everyone to the limit.
*****When Nikki returns from jail no one knows how she will act, will she go on a tantrum again and drive like a maniac talking about killing everyone or will she cook food and do homework with the kids. Each time is different. Matt knows that he is the director in this play and he needs the actors to play the right role at the right time. Informing them on different problems that may occur at anytime.

*****The beginning of this book was a little slow but caught speed in the end. It brings in real life events and teaches you how to act in different situations. I would recommend everyone read this dramatic book; the end really makes up for the slow beginning. This is also a fun, exciting read.

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