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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Monster by Walter Dean Myers

Review by: Ben L.
Pennsylvania, Grade 10

The book I am reviewing, MONSTER, by Walter Dean Myers, is a very catchy novel to read. It keeps you in suspense, while having points of the past lives of the characters portrayed in it. It shows compassion for others, while also showing the justified side of most things. It makes you want to read it whenever you can. When you first read it, it seems very dull and confusing, but after you’ve read for a little while, it gets much better.

Throughout the novel, there are two main characters, with a few characters with minor importance. The first of them is Steve Harmon. He is the narrator of the novel. Because of this, a lot of points of views come from his side. The second main character is James King. He plays a very major role throughout the novel, just like Steve does. Some of the minor characters are the lawyers of Steve and James and the prosecutor of the courtroom, Sandra Petrocelli.

This novel is also displayed in an exhilarating way because it is written as a playwright, something most other novels do not do. The story is mostly set around the courtroom that these two young men are being tried at. There is no specific time period that Myers sets for this novel. In the novel, the two main characters have robbed a store. Their plan to rob it went slightly off course and the store manager ended up dead. Steve and James were caught in this act of inhumanity and were sent to court, facing off against each other to see who is going to be found innocent and who is going to found as guilty. That is the main theme of this novel. It may seem boring due to it only revolving around this one conflict, but it continually gets better throughout it. This novel also has a very nice ending that you will want to get to by the time you’re halfway through the book. It keeps you in suspense until that point.

Like most novels, this novel also has a great lesson that comes along with it. It tells us that you should be careful in what you do and what you say during life, and that you should try to live life to its fullest. This is a very good lesson that people could learn if they were to read this novel.

If I were to rate this novel on a scale from one to five, one being poor and five being great, I would give it a four. I say this because it is a very good novel that I believe people should definitely read, but it has a few flaws here and there that come out to you as you read. Other than those few flaws, there is not much else in this novel that is not good. I hope you can read whenever you can.

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