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  A Series Of Unfortunate Events #13: The End by Lemony Snicket

Review by: Damiani S.
Massachusetts, Grade 6

You do not know what is going to happen next. It leaves at the edge of your seat.

On a tiny little boat with olny four people. Viloet, Klaus, and Sunny are trapped on this boat with Count Olaf. THe kids hated him so much they wanted to throw him over board.One day there was a terrible storm and the waves kept on crashing into the little boat. When the storm was over they landed on a costal shelf. There not so far away they saw a girl walking along the beach. The girls name was Friday. she lived in a colony on the beach. But they had one rule that no mean or rude people were aloud in the colony. so Count Olaf wasnt aloud in the colony with the kids and was left behind on the costal shelf. the colony had a very protective leader his name was Ishmeal. Some people did not like him.Count olaf was disrupting the the colony so they put him in a bird cage. The kids got used to the food their even though it was horrible. But the kids were happy that they have a new home. But there was secrets on the island that know one knew. Secrets about Ishmeal.

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