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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Sunrise over Fallujah by Walter Dean Meyers

Review by: Tommy W.
Pennsylvania, Grade 10

***** SUNRISE OVER FALLUJAH by Walter Dean Meyers is a story about the War in Iraq. It takes place in Iraq in 2003. The setting changes as the characters move to different areas in Iraq. The book starts out with them on a plane. Once they get to Iraq they are confronted with a barren desert environment. As they continue their journey they start to move into different cities and start to find a more livable environment with more trees. The protagonist in the story is Robin Perry. He has joined the civil affairs unit straight out of high school against his fatherís wishes. Throughout the story he can feel himself change because of all the death and destruction that he is confronted with. There are two primary antagonists Marla Kennedy and Jonsey who are in the civil affairs unit with Robin. Marla Kennedy is a smart, calm and collected gunner who is constantly picking on Robin. Jonsey is Robins best friend, he plays the guitar, and has a dream of opening a blues club.
***** Robin Perry recently graduated from high school and wants to go against his fatherís wishes and join the army. He feels like he will be able to make a difference in the war in the civil affairs unit. While in Iraq he was assigned to a humvee with Marla and Jonsey who are also in the civil affairs unit. Marla is the gunner and Jonsey drives. Their unit is trying to work their way from Kuwait to Baghdad. On their journey they get involved in searching through buildings and find themselves in heated gun battles. They are fighting not only to freedom but also for their lives. They witness people in their unit and the Iraqi people getting shot and blown up by bombs. Robin constantly feels himself changing because of all the different things that he witnesses throughout the story. He finds himself constantly writing home to his uncle Richie who is a Vietnam War veteran asking him how to cope with all of the experiences.

***** Walter Dean Meyer describes the event in the book with vivid detail. He was talking about a young Iraqi teenager who was shot. He said that he was lying there with his head touching his knees as a puddle of blood started forming around him. Although some parts of the books got boring because they were just sitting around not doing much of anything. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy reading war books and want to figure out more about the war in Iraq. This book tells you about a lot of thing that you would imagine war to be and things that you would not want to find out about.

I rate this book **** stars.

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