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  Splendor: A Luxe Novel by Anne Godbersen

Review by: Gabriela M.
Pennsylvania, Grade 10

***** The Luxe which what I thought was an amazing, and well-written romance novel I
have read for teen fiction. The Luxe is about the eldest daughter of Mr. Edward Holland, Elizabeth. She is forced into an engagement to a man named Henry Schoonmaker, whom she does not associate herself with because he can be know to be quite popular with the ladies. He is on the line of inheriting a very large amount of money and estate. On the other hand, Elizabeth or (''Liz'' as some may call her) has fallen in love with the wrong person completely. She falls for her family's stableman, Will Kellar. They started their secret affair in the summer of eighteen ninety-seven.
***** The Luxe takes place in eighteen ninety-nine of New York where there were differences in the social classes. There were the wealthiest families, and the working class. The wealthiest families had already been rich from either new discoveries or the money was passed down the line to them. They usually consisted of dukes, princesses, or princes. The working classes were mostly tailors or servants for the upper wealthy class. It was looked down upon if a member of the wealthy class married a member of the lowest class, and that is what had happened between Liz and Will. She did not know anyone would want to rat her and Williamís Love affair out to the public.
*****Her so called friend, Penelope Hayes is known as Elizabethís greatest friend and also her greatest enemy. Before Elizabeth and Henry's engagement, Penelope was sneaking around with Henry. It wasnít love to Henry, but to Penelope, it was love at first sight. Henry on the other hand fell for Elizabeth's younger sister, Diana Holland. Diana and Henry have to keep their love a secret from the public and Elizabeth, for Diana doesn't want to hurt her sister any more than she is right now.
*****Will tells Liz that he wants to retire from taking care of the horses to move out west to begin a new life and wants Liz to come with him. The reason Liz must marry Henry is because her mother tells her that they are poor because ever since her father died, they have only been living off of his old baubles that her mother has been selling to keep them in the upper class. Now Elizabeth canít decide if she should move to the west with her true love Will, or stay to marry Henry to keep her family from lowering on the social class scale. One of the bad events that take place is that Lina, Elizabethís ex-friend and former maid discovers hers and Willís secret and threatens to tell it to the public. Liz quickly fires her thinking she wonít say anything now, but Lina runs into Penelope. Ms. Penelope wants to get Henry back from Liz and she would do anything to get back at Liz. By this time, Will has left for the west in search for a new beginning leaving behind a note for Liz so she can follow him. Penelope shows Liz and lets her know that she knows all about Will, so they both devise a plan to help Liz escape and travel to the west to begin her new life with Will. Liz wants to tell Diana so she will not worry, but she never has the chance to for Diana had gone out with Henry secretly that night. The following morning, Liz turns up missing in the papers and it is a horrible loss for her family. She only leaves a note for Diana to read when she receives it so only her and Penelope will know what happened to Elizabeth Holland, the eldest daughter of Mr. Edward Holland.

***** I really enjoyed this book so much. I would definitely give this book a five out of a five star rating. I enjoyed it because of the way Anna Godbersen writes and tells the story in everyone else's perspective. That way you can understand their own point of views. That is why I really enjoyed this book.

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