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  Almost Home by Jessica Blank

Review by: Meghan M.
Wisconsin, Grade 7

My favorite part of the book was the climax. What happened was one of the main characters Eyore (Elli) arrived back at her house from her recent running away for 2 monthes. She returned home to get some food for her and her other friends she met on the streets and now is her new family. She now lives on the streets with them becuase her parents don't like her and her step brother molested her everyday. Eyore arrived at home just before her step mom did, not knowing her step mom would be home. Her step mom freaked out on her and ordered the other guy accompaning Eyore out before she called the cops.

I really enjoyed this book because it had very differant characters that you wouldn't ever really see or think of. I was looking for a book out of my ''comfort zone'' and this was the perfect book. As soon as I read the first couple pages, I was hooked. It has charecters that dumpster dive, have magenta hair, and stick together through thick and through thin. This book also made me recognize that people are very differant from me, but there supposed to be. Just by reading this book I learned to respect people becuase of that. Iv also learned that people do have some worse problems than me, it made me wish I could help people more too.

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