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  A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespear

Review by: Jake E.
Colorado, Grade 11

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a romantic comedy which takes place in Athens, Greece. Written by William Shakespeare, it describes a story about a girl Hermia whose father wants her to marry Demetrius but who wants to marry Lysander. Of whom both are wealthy men of high standing. This brings them to the Duke Theseus’s court who after no deliberation sides with the father saying that if she disobeys him then she will be put in a nunnery or to death. This causes Hermia and Lysander to plan to run off into the woods together.
Right before running off the Hermia and Lysander decide to inform Helena the ex-fiancé of Demetrius of their plans. They do this because she walks in on them talking about it (but it was still their choice to tell her). This turns out to be a bad idea! Helena who is still in love with Demetrius decides to tell him their plan hoping to gain his love through the act. When I read this I felt that Helena must have had a brain lapse or something because it’s the stupidest idea ever. If Helena had wanted to be with Demetrius then she should have said nothing because she is the obvious the second choice in marriage. She is his Ex-fiancé and he still likes her. Yet she decides the best way to get his love is to tell him where to find his future wife, so he can get her back and marry her.
In the Forrest right outside of Athens there is a group of Fairies hanging about. The Fairy King and Queen get into an argument over an Indian prince and whether he should be knighted for his beauty. The King in order to convince the Queen orders his servant puck to go out and find a special flower that when sprinkled over someone’s eyes it makes them fall in love with the first thing they see upon waking.
Puck in seeing Demetrius treating Helena so badly, puts a little of the ground flower over his eyes. Furthermore upon seeing Lysander is convinced that he is the man that he is supposed to put the flower over, who by circumstances see’s Helena upon waking as well. This makes Puck work for a few pages on fixing his mistake. I will not tell you how as that would ruin the comedy portion of the play. (And the only good part)
Does Puck fix his mistake completely? Who knows you’d have to read the play to find out, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

I disliked the play in general although not because of the story. I dislike plays because they don’t give details about the setting and characters which bugs me as well as making it harder to sense the general mood until much farther into the play. I also disliked the use of Characters that weren’t necessary in the play, like the actors who perform a play at the end of the play and who rehearse it throughout the play. They are the comic relief but I feel they could have done their part with more main characters then the actors.

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