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  A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

Review by: Jessie B.
Colorado, Grade 11

One interesting thing I found about this book was the point of view of a soldier in World War One. We don’t hear much about World War One anymore, in schools we focus on World War Two alot. I hardly know anything about World War One, and this book helped me grasp some key concepts, like who was fighting who, why, how the civilians felt about it, and what the soldiers lives were like. The setting, Italy, was very nice to imagine myself in. I liked the main character, his point of view was interesting and it made me want to keep reading. The writing style was kind of unusual, but I found it intriguing.

I liked the book because of the point of view, the setting, the plot was good. I like reading war stories, and I like learning about things I don’t know to much about, like World War One. I particularly enjoyed the love story between the main character and the English nurse Ms. Barkley. That was what kept me reading and made me pick up this book each day. I absolutely hated the ending, however. I would have been fine with a “happily ever after” ending because I felt it suited the book and the main characters deserved it. The book would have been so much better if this ending was the opposite of what it was. You know you weren’t satisfied with a book’s ending when you throw it once your done reading and don’t care where it lands. And if the ending is that horrible, the whole beautiful story in front of it is turned into complete trash. Because what’s the point of a story if your overall opinion of the book was shattered by the way the book ended?

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