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  Grade 10 Reviews
  My Brother Sam Is Dead by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier

Review by: Sarah M.
South Carolina, Grade 10

The book is written in a very interesting time period. It shows how war can really tear families apart. It also shows that even thought teenagers may not make the best decisions, they are going to make them wether their parents approve or not. I really enjoyed reading this book and think that it is one most people whould ejoy.

The book My Brother Sam is Dead, is a story about how war can tear a family apart. Sam is the oldest son of Mother and Father and he decides to go to war and fight against the British. Father does not approve and thinks that Sam should go to college like he had originally planed and stay out of the war. When Sam does not follow these instructions Father throws him out and Sam goes to fight in the war. Father and Mother and Samís younger brother are all left alone, wondering if Sam will come back alive. The whole family is against Sam all because of war.
The setting of this book is in rural Massachusetts. Not much goes on in the village. Life remains pretty normal even though the Revolutionary War is going on. The war only comes to the village one time and Samís younger brother sees the fighting and is distraught. He cannot believe the things that the British do in order to win and he wishes to never see war again.
In My Brother Sam is Dead, Sam runs away to go join the war effort and gain Americaís independence. Mother and Father do not like this idea and wonder if Sam will come home alive. Samís brother Tim is also very concerned about Sam and hopes that everything turns out alright.
The characters are in the book are of major importance. Sam is the oldest brother who goes off to war to fight for Americaís independence. He has a younger brother, Tim who must stay home while he is away at war. Tim is gets tired of living in Samís shadow and is often jealous of his brotherís chance to get away from his home town. Then there is Mother and Father. They are Sam and Timís parents and do not support any war.

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