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  Grade 10 Reviews
  The Keeping Room by Anna Myers

Review by: Thomas P.
South Carolina, Grade 10

The Keeping Room was a magnificent book. It kept the read on the edge of their seat the whole time. The setting, theme, and characters made the book full of action and excitement. The Keeping Room truly portrays what life was like for people during the American Revolutionary War. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a suspenseful and action packed story.

In Anna Myer’s The Keeping Room a young boy become completely wrapped up in the American Revolutionary War. His father was a colonel in the American army and is captured. When the redcoats take control of young Joey’s house and town he is forced to do something. The Keeping Room is a story about how Joey must keep his family and town safe, while in the hands of the ruthless British redcoats. The Keeping Room is a fantastic example of what people were forced to do to survive during the American Revolutionary War.
The Keeping Room is centralized around two reoccurring concepts. These themes that are seen throughout the book, are freedom and tolerance. Joey and his family are forced to tolerate the redcoats in order to stay alive. If they tried to rise up against the redcoats then they would be killed. Therefore, they have to tolerate whatever the redcoats say or do. Freedom is throughout the book also. Joey’s father is off fighting for freedom for America. When Joey’s father is captured Joey begins to think that freedom will never happen. As the story unfolds freedom and tolerance are repeatedly shown.
The setting of the story is in Camden, South Carolina. The time period is during the Revolutionary War. This setting leads to many important things that happen in the book. The setting keeps the book interesting. Camden was a small town that no one thought would ever be targeted by the British. For this reason, the book becomes very interesting when the redcoats decide to take up post in Camden, South Carolina.
There are many important characters in the book, however the main characters are Joey, Colonel Kershaw(Joey’s father), Joey’s mother, and General Cornwallis. These characters differ greatly. Joey is just a normal teenage boy left to take care of his family while his father is away at war. He never thought that his life would be flipped upside down, and that so many changes would happen in it. Colonel Kershaw was a proud father, brave soldier, and outstanding leader. He led his men bravely through battle. When he was captured he never gave up hope of getting back to his family. Joey’s mother was a typical wife of an American soldier. She took care of the kids while her husband was away at war. She did what was necessary for her and her family to survive. Lastly, General Cornwallis was a witty and cunning general. However, he was also a ruthless man that would do whatever means necessary to win. All of these characters together make The Keeping Room interesting and full of action.

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