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  Grade 10 Reviews
  My Brother Sam Is Dead by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier

Review by: Emily K.
South Carolina, Grade 10

This story was very accurate and showed many of the challenges that people of the time faced! It had many climax's and lots of drama to keep the reader interested at all times. The author did a good job of making the reader pick their own side in the story. Whether it be taking the side with Tim's father, or his brother Sam. This book keeps the reader interested even until the last few pages because you wonder what will happen to Sam. I really enjoyed the book and was appreciative that the author made history interesting. This book had appeal that most historical fiction books lack.

The story My Brother Sam is Dead is about two brothers and their views of the world over war. Tim is the main character who must choose to be for, or against the British. His brother Sam is his biggest inspiration in life and Tim wants to be just like him. In the end Tim is the only man left in his family and much grow up and make his own decisions of the world.
The theme of this story is donít let others form your opinions for you. Timís father is constantly trying to keep him out of the war. He wants him on the British side. Sam wants him on the patriot side. Both argue and try to get Tim to side. Tim must for his own opinions because either way it will hurt one of his close family members. Luckily His mother is on his side either way. This argument is one throughout the whole story though.
The setting is a small town in American. It is a town that has active war so there are battles. It also takes place in the pub that Timís family owns. It is a town out of a movie in a sense that everyone knows each other. The town is very segregated over the issue of which side to take in the war. British stay on one side. Patriots on the other. Itís small and cold throughout the book but still nice despite the war.
The main character is Tim. He is son of a Tory and has grown up the youngest. Sam is his older brother who is a patriot. His brother stands up to the father who is a complete loyalist. Sam and his father have a lot of tension due to their opposite view points. The mother is a calm lady and the arguments upset her very much. Tim, Sam, and their father are the main characters of this story and not many other characters are involved. Tim is undecided about his view of the war and is persuaded by both sides.

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