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  Grade 7 Reviews
  The Clique #7: It's Not Easy Being Mean by Lisi Harison

Review by: Taryn M.
Manitoba, Grade 7

When Claire and Layne find .the key

It’s Not Easy Being Mean is about Massie and her clique, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen and Claire. Massie is the Alpha of the seventh grade area and Skye is the alpha of the eighth grade area. One day a none Alpha before Skye and Massie went to the school. She found a key and the key unlocked a secret room. Then she became the new alpha. The key was down on to alpha to alpha. When Skye got the key she disited to brake the tradition and hide the key. Skye sent out copy’s of a C.D and said a poem saying what kind of guy to look for, who sleeps on top of the key. Claire and her friend, Layne, figured it out, who was sleeping on top of the key. Claire and Layne know Massie would do anything to get that key. So they phoned her saying they have the key, Massie said to meet them at Alicia’s house to discuse Claire and Layne demands so that Massie and her clique could have the key. The next day at Alicia’s house they were discusing Claire and Layne’s demands. The clique was still mad at Claire for lying to them and missing the discuse meeting because of her audition. Claire had to be on the phone to hear the meeting. Arelicia’s house keeper brought ice cream sundays for them to eat and Layne forgot the rest of the demands. Layne listed only five things and then Claire said “What about the rest of the demands.” Layne said “Oh well thats good enough.” Beacause she was to busy eating ice cream. The pretty commity said they needed a momant in private to discuss Claire and Layne’s demands. When Layne left the room Alicia said “We don’t have to do all there demands, you guys know right?”

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