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  Grade 7 Reviews
  The Demonata #6: Demon Apocalypse by Darren Shan

Review by: Cassidy E.
New York, Grade 7

In Demon Apocalypse, Grubbs Grady, after escaping crimes he thinks he commited on a plane with things that couldn't come out of your worst nightmare. If you're a return reader, you know Juni Swan leads Grubbs onto a plane and betrays him. this is just how this tale of epic adventure begins. Let me tell you a little more about this magical book.
What I enjoyed about this was the author's creativity, he thinks multitueds of unque demons every book. A couple of these oddities are an ant eater that has a gatling gun like snout that shoots acid, or a gaint scorpion that has a persons face that lays eggs in your eyes, then they hactch and eat your brains. The author always keeps you wondering what new demons there will be.

In this series, you can't wait to find out what new troubles await Grubbs. In the book Slawter, Lord Loss showed up during the making of a movie. In the book Blood Beast, Grubbs had to fight to keep himself human. In this book they are trying to save the world from total desrution.
The theme of this book is to neved give up , ever if all hope seems lost there is always an alternitive. In the beginning of the book Grubbs seems to give up hope while he's trapped on the plane with Juni and Lord Loss, but unexpectedly Beranubus shows up and saves him. The demon gate opens and the world almost ends and every one gives up, but Grubbs keeps fighting.
How does save the world from apocalypse? Who opened the gate to the demon univese? What lurks behind the gate? Find the answers by reading the book demon apocalypse.

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