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  Grade 7 Reviews
  The Clique #2: Best Friends For Never by Lisi Harrison

Review by: Jin C.
Wisconsin, Grade 7

Do you feel bored? I would like to lead you to a trendy world filled with conflicts and friendship, ambition and sharing, luxury and modesty. This world was presently by the author Lisi Harrison in her bestselling novel entitled < Best Friends For Never>, published by 17th street productions in 2004. In the book the author explores the war about two wardrobes between the wealthy Massie and middle-class Claire, results in a testing of old friendships, a forging of new ones, and change for clique the pretty committee at OCD high school. The pretty clique consisted of 5 pretty girls. They are Massie Block, Dylan Marvil, Kristen Gregory and Alicia Rivera. Their families are very rich and they go to private school. They are considered as the clique of fashion in the school. They always buy fashion clothes to compete against each other. Claire’s family is of middle-class, but she tries very hard to join the clique. Do you think Claire can make it?

There are 3 aspects which impress me a lot. First, the description is detailed and vivid. For example the setting “… the teardrop-shaped bulbs on the crystal chandelier had been dimmed. The soft warm glow from the red candles…” Second the world in the normal is completely beyond me. It is a showroom of top world brands: LV, Gucci, Coach, CK, Lexus.. These girls compete against each other, in this brand world. Finally, I don’t agree with the author saying “friends are like clothes, you can’t wear them for ever”, I have a lot of good friends. I don’t think my friends will leave me someday. We will be lifelong friends, because we are so committed to each other. If you have time, read it and you will not regret your choice.

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