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  Reviews of Legends, Myths, & Tales Books
  I Am Mordred: A Tale of Camelot by Nancy Springer

Review by: Olivia B.
Arkansas, Grade 7

In I Am Mordred you are transported to the mind of Mordred and his odyssey of puzzled youth to resentful young man.As an infant Mordred was cast across the sea in a frail coracle; cast across the sea to his fate.Almost like his life is on a blueprint, a old fisher couple discover his body alive.They raise him as their own.A duration of time passes and an all-knowing woman called Nyneve takes Mordred and delivers him to his 'real' family.Years he lives with King Lothe in Lothian. Once he come of age(15);he arrives in Camelot, King Arthurs kingdom,to become one of King Arthurs Knights.All those years Mordred believed he was Mordred, son of King Lothe.No, he is Mordred, the young man destined to end King Arthur, his father.

I Am Mordred- A Tale From Camelot by Nancy Springer is really for anyone that enjoys mythology or just a good read. In the tale you really absorb all the things Mordred was experiencing.The story drives you to learn more about Arthurian Legend,and conveys to you that you can't fight your destiny,and you are who you are. Mordred was a tragic hero, striving to fight his destiny and to earn his fathers love.

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